Red Teaming

Red teaming represents a unique approach to assessing your organization’s security posture. In our Red Teaming services, we simulate the actions of real-world attackers – both physical and cyber-attacks. We answer the question “What are the crucial actions to secure your company resources?” by testing possible routes. Unlike penetration testing, which focuses on finding as many vulnerabilities as possible, red teaming concentrates on real-world attack scenarios and identifies the weakest points of an organization’s security postures.  

Custom approach to your organization’s security 

Due to the complexity of solutions and systems used across organizations, we approach every project individually. Starting with a broad reconnaissance to discover specifics of your organization, we prepare test scenarios having the greatest security measures coverage in your case. We make adjustments for each location and phishing campaign separately to ensure that they are adapted to everyday activities in your environment. 

What’s included in our Red Teaming services? 

Red Teaming encompasses a wide range of tests tailored to meet the specific requirements of every client. A sample scope of such activity may include: 

  • OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence): Gathering information about a company, its offices, and employees from publicly available sources – while ensuring that no sensitive data or information is publicly accessible. 
  • Physical access attempts: Employing various techniques for trying and gaining physical access to office premises. 
  • Attacks on network infrastructure: Targeting and probing the organization’s network infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 
  • Active Directory testing: Assessing security of the organization’s Active Directory infrastructure through rigorous evaluation, including attempts to elevate privileges and identify potential vulnerabilities within the AD. 
  • Breaching physical access control systems: Testing the effectiveness of physical security measures and attempting to bypass access control systems, e.g., badge readers. 
  • Social engineering attacks: Assessing the employees’ susceptibility to manipulation and deception techniques aimed at acquiring sensitive information and getting unauthorized access. 
  • Phishing campaigns: Conducting simulated phishing attacks to assess the employees’ vulnerability to email-based scams and attempts to obtain access credentials for internal applications. 

Which tests are right for your organization? 

Each organization is unique, and it can be vulnerable to different attacks. Therefore, we always adjust our strategy for each organization. Read more about our services: 

Due to its complexity, red teaming is also often intertwined with infrastructure security testing.  

To determine the right scope and evaluate the project, we will guide you through our Red Teaming Questionnaire during the discovery call. 

DORA compliance

Red teaming plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with DORA principles, directly aligning with DORA’s emphasis on operational resilience, risk management, and robust testing to safeguard the companies against cyber threats.

How to get a quote for your project? 

If you’re interested in increasing security awareness across your company, feel free to schedule a quick discovery call with our specialists or simply fill out our contact form. Our experts will get back to you with a tailored offer as soon as possible. 

Case study

How did we increase the security of online banking applications?

The client was one of the leading banks with a website for individual and business entities. The scope tests covered transaction website security, payment management services, financial exchange and loan products

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