Education and constant training of team skills are key components while improving the security of development applications. Proper knowledge enables protection against unwanted incidents from the very beginning.

Doing only penetration testing at the end of the development stage is clearly not the most efficient way to achieve a safe and secure code and an IT environment. Never ending test-and-fix cycles have a negative influence on the quality and timing of IT projects.

Having analyzed the approach to application security in hundreds of customer cases, we’ve noticed that those who invest in security training of their staff get a return on that investment in the form of shorter and more predictable development cycles.
That’s why we have decided to share our IT security knowledge with teams developing and maintaining IT applications and systems. After consultations with our customers, we have developed an innovative approach to education, by engaging participants in a series of workshops, practical examples and exercises.”

We offer “Security Aware Developer” workshops as well as highly specialized courses in some of the IT security areas where we share our unique knowledge. Last but not least, we offer so-called “purple teaming” exercises, during which your teams can check the environment and applications they deal with on a daily basis.

Case study

How did we increase the security of online banking applications?

The client was one of the leading banks with a website for individual and business entities. The scope tests covered transaction website security, payment management services, financial exchange and loan products.

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