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Threat modeling is the most efficient way to implement security into your organization or a specific project. During this session, we are able to identify key threats and attack vectors and discuss possible security measures.

Devices Security Testing

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Nowadays devices are running in a complex environment composed of software, hardware, wireless signals, protocols, cloud, and mobile. Attention to security requires a holistic approach, as the attacker will exploit the weakest link in a chain.

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Education and constant training of team skills are key components while improving the security of development applications. Proper knowledge enables protection against unwanted incidents from the very beginning.


Security is not a one-time action. New functionalities equal new attack possibilities. We focus on deep understanding of every solution and its application to properly assess all threats not only for final users but also for the whole company. In practice, we apply several methodologies:


Series of controlled attacks or simulations on a computer system to identify both its strengths and weaknesses.

Configuration review

Complete check of operating conditions in line with industry best practices and specific requirements.

Code review

Detailed analysis of the source code’s key elements. It provides detailed verification of application security.

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