Artificial Intelligence – a buzzword, new era of IT or new threats?

Damian Rusinek 2019.05.24

In my presentation I will show you a couple of applications that use artificial intelligence in order to improve our security and how easily it is to use other AI to break it. You may like it or not, but natural language processing, deep learning, computer vision are being developed very rapidly and already have significant impact on your life, working behind the scenes of multiple services you use every day.

However, as a great man once said “with great power comes great responsibility”, same with the AI – the risk of abuse appears. I will show you how to beat AI using rogue AI, how a crowd-sourced human intelligence can beat AI, or finally how a small, unnoticed by human change in the input data (constructed by AI of course) can severly impact the output of AI processing. I will focus on applications that improve our security not only in the cyber world (like CAPTCHA), but also in real life world (e.g. car safety systems).

Last, but not least, I will tell you how to prevent such abuses and why it is so important to understand how above-mentioned tools work.

Damian Rusinek
Damian Rusinek Principal IT Security Consultant
Head of Blockchain Security