iOS Security Suite – anti-tampering Swift library

Security is a topic that should be considered also by iOS developers. Since the platform cannot be treated as 100% secure, devs and security division need to create a separate threat model for mobile applications.

Security is a topic that should be considered also by iOS developers. Since the platform cannot be treated as 100% secure, devs and security division need to create a separate threat model for mobile applications.

However, if you are responsible for developing high risk application you will be probably interested in reaching a higher app resiliency. Before attackers find the vulnerabilities they need to analyze your app. This is the moment when you can make their job harder — implement anti-tampering mechanisms and detect if you application has been launched in a malicious environment.

iOS Security Suite  – a Swift library was created to simplify the implementation of anti-tampering mechanism in your iOS application.

The tool is an advanced and easy-to-use platform security & anti-tampering library written in pure Swift. If you are an iOS developer who wants to protect apps from tampering or just wants to be compliant with OWASP MASVS V8, then this library could save you a lot of time.

What ISS detects:

  • Jailbreak (even the iOS 11+ with brand new indicators)
  • Attached debugger
  • If an app was run in emulator
  • Common reverse engineering tools running on the device

Click here to visit our Github page and download.

Platform security verification with our tool is just one of the bricks while building a secure iOS application. If you need to know more about these and other bricks click here and read our mobile security whitepaper.

Wojciech Reguła
Wojciech Reguła Principal IT Security Consultant
Head of Mobile Security