OAuth 2.0 Security Best Practices Checklist

This checklist presents the list of common security issues arising when using OAuth.

Damian Rusinek 2020.07.30
OAuth 2 - Security Checklist

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The Open Auth 2.0 is one of the most popular standards used to delegate the authorization to the third party application. OAuth 2.0 makes it easy for users to grant an application access to their information from other applications without revealing their passwords.

Moreover, OAuth 2.0 is very often used for authentication and to implement the Single Sign On scheme. If you are using plain OAuth 2.0 for authentication, you MUST check this out because you are doing it wrong!

This checklist presents the list of common security issues arising when using OAuth.

What’s more, this list tells you how to avoid these issues and has an easy-to-use format.
Just print it and audit your OAuth 2.0 implementation in 5 minutes!

Damian Rusinek
Damian Rusinek Principal IT Security Consultant
Head of Blockchain Security