Building & Hacking Modern iOS Apps

After my offensive presentation “Testing iOS Apps without Jailbreak in 2018” it is time to focus also on building not just breaking. This talk will cover the most important milestones in reaching secure iOS/macOS apps. I’m going to show you how to develop modern & secure iOS/macOS apps using new security features presented at the latest Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.  Hackers will be satisfied as well, since I’m going to cover also pen tester’s perspective. What’s more – I will share with you details of multiple vulnerabilities (*including not disclosed previously*) that I found during security assessments and my research of Apple’s applications.

As a supplement to the presentations we recommend downloading the guide: Mobile Application Security: Best practices[LINK]

Wojciech Reguła
Wojciech Reguła Principal IT Security Consultant
Head of Mobile Security