Developing Secure Blockchain Applications

You can find many articles about blockchain because there has been a lot of discussion about this technology in recent years. Blockchain is often identified with cryptocurrency which is incorrect because that is only one example of how to use it.

Damian Rusinek 2018.07.04

You can find many articles about blockchain because there has been a lot of discussion about this technology in recent years. Blockchain is often identified with cryptocurrency which is incorrect because that is only one example of how to use it.

We sorted out the most important issues related to blockchain and Smart contracts and dealt with popular myths about them. Then, we explained the difference between public and private blockchain in order to draw attention to the security aspects of this infrastructure.

A separate chapter is devoted to Smart contracts, their limitations and security recommendations.

The summary contains the most important aspects of integration between the applications and the blockchain. It is a tasty morsel for cybercriminals, especially in the case of blockchains used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This handbook contains many useful recommendations and guidelines which should be implemented if you work with solutions based on blockchain. You should read it to become more aware.

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Damian Rusinek
Damian Rusinek Principal IT Security Consultant
Head of Blockchain Security