PLAYBOOK – Security Introduction to SDLC

A set of questions and answers that will help you track what you could do to spark application security interest among developers in your organization.

Mateusz Olejarka 2021.03.11   –   3 MIN read

This playbook aims to inspire you and help you improve your company’s cybersecurity posture. It’s not a  closed work – rather a compilation of experiences gathered during our cooperation with developers from various companies. We hope we left you with some ideas you wish to pursue and implement. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding the contents of this document feel free to contact us via contact form.

We covered 6 different approaches to introducing security into your organisation:

  1. Hackathon
  2. IT Sec on the run
  3. Threat modelling
  4. Security Champions
  5. Trainings
  6. Internal Bug bounty

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If you want to provide any feedback or help with future development of this document, don’t hesitate to reach to us.

Mateusz Olejarka
Mateusz Olejarka Principal IT Security Consultant
Head of Web Security