Smart Contracts Audits

Security in decentralized applications often plays a major role in the success of a project. Comprehensive penetration tests not only check your applications from hackers’ point of view but also give you the result in the form of a reliable report that can  provide  greater peace of mind and build trust around your community.

We worked with:

What we offer

Our expertise goes around analyzing smart contracts to detect vulnerabilities, remedy design flaws, and verify compliance with the best security practices. We help to ensure that your smart contracts or even the entire platform is ready for the mainnet. 

We focus mainly on DeFi projects written in Solidity, sample projects used:

  • Tokens
  • Lending platforms
  • Governance contracts (including DAOs)
  • Bridges
  • Oracles
  • NFTs
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • and many more…

The Report

We provide not only a set of found vulnerabilities but also practical guidelines on how to deal with them.

See a sample report:

Each report has a clear form and structure that enables quick and easy implementation of the suggested changes.

For each vulnerability you will get:

  • technical description,
  • test case (PoC),
  • vulnerability exploitation requirements,
  • vulnerability exploitation consequences,
  • risk impact,
  • remediation advice.


We focus on close cooperation for the optimal coverage of application-specific security threats. We distinguished 5 stages in our workflow:

Scope & Threat Modeling session – sketching the most effective flow of the audit that is determined by the application logic.

Establishing resources – we double-check all the necessary resources to make sure that the audit goes smoothly.

Security Review – the main part where we perform both automated and manual tests alongside SCSVS compliance checks.

Report & Wrap-up meeting – audit summary with an overview of recommended changes to be introduced.

Verification after corrections – ensuring that newly introduced changes are securely implemented.

Our methodology developed over the years guarantees an optimal coverage of key and application-specific security threats. We are in constant contact with your team (e.g. on Slack) so that all consultations are carried out on an ongoing basis.

Benefit from our expertise

Our experience and own research allow us to detect vulnerabilities specific to these technologies at the early stage of application development. We prevent changes to the project in production environment that are often costly and difficult to implement.

This approach has been appreciated at many industry conferences at which we have performed. Additionally, we work by the principle of sharing our experience with the community. Based on our own research, we create open-source tools that support application testing:

Check also the blockchain & smart contracts category on our Knowledge Base!

Get Started!

To get a quote for your project, use our contact form so that we can learn more about your application. Each time, we prepare a custom offer that covers the most vulnerable aspects of your project.

Our Research

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