Organizational security is not only about applications and infrastructure but also human factors. Simulated phishing plays a crucial role in strengthening your organization’s security posture by addressing the human element. 

The human element continues to be a key driver of 82% of breaches.*


In our phishing services we focus exclusively on custom attack scenarios that correspond with the daily activities of the targeted audience within your organization.  

Controlled phishing campaign in your organization 

Conducting simulated phishing attacks within an organization allows us to raise awareness and educate employees about the dangers of phishing attacks. By simulating realistic scenarios, these exercises help employees recognize the signs of phishing attempts, understand the potential risks involved, and develop the skills to effectively respond to such threats. 

Simulated phishing also serves as an effective tool to evaluate the efficacy of existing security controls, such as email filters and anti-phishing technologies. By measuring the success rate of simulated attacks, we can provide you with remediations and steps you can take to enhance your organization’s defenses. 

How do we perform phishing campaigns? 

At the heart of our approach lies a strong emphasis on the effectiveness of simulated attacks we carry out, ensuring optimal preparation for your employees in the face of real-world threats. Our phishing campaigns are carefully designed to specifically target your organization, simulating the tactics employed by specialized attackers. 

We use a comprehensive approach, starting with gathering information about your organization using open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques. This allows us to select the most impactful attack scenarios that align with the specific characteristics of your organization. Depending on the agreed scope, we can work with provided email addresses and employee data or adopt a zero-knowledge approach, using information discovered independently on the Internet. 

Phishing supplement for your security tests 

Each phishing campaign is tailored to your specific case with the accordingly adapted course and preparation. For example, if infrastructure tests are conducted alongside phishing simulations, we may leverage vulnerabilities identified in your network infrastructure and send phishing emails from within the network if feasible. This ensures the creation of a realistic and targeted attack scenario that thoroughly tests the security measures of your organization. 

DORA compliance

Phishing can contribute to the compliance with DORA principles. Phishing is a critical component of security awareness training, which is essential for DORA compliance since it emphasises the human element of security. 

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