Security Aware Developer

Prevention is better than cure. Security workshops for application development teams to raise security awareness based on real life examples of errors and focused on fixing them!

Maintaining application security by relying solely on security verification and defect removal is ineffective and entails many additional costs (time dedicated for fixes or rewriting parts of the application, contractual penalties) and potential troubles (data breach connected to detected or undetected security issue).

Why choose Security Aware Developer training?
Because we focus on:
 • Raising awareness of potential application security issues
 • Showing real life examples in a form of scenarios
 • Formula which is unique on the market – for each scenario:
        – We discuss the chain of vulnerabilities and its consequences
        – We work on possible solutions and fixes
        – We analyze pros and cons of each solution
 • Working in a small group of engineers without computer, just pen and paper, where almost nothing distracts them

The scenarios discussed during the training are based on our experience using a visually attractive form of an A4 workbook. The trainers are specialists in application security with many years of experience, searching for application security issues is their passion.

What makes this workshop different from others:
 • Effective formula
 • Focus on fixing and prevention
 • Discussions and knowledge sharing
 • Unique Experience of trainers

The feedback we get after training proves that the examples, discussions and participants’ work on patches and security measures really increases their awareness and makes them eager to implement in their daily work the application security ideas developed during the training.

“This workshop should be mandatory in the on-boarding process for every new developer, both external and internal”
– One of the training participants

Our numbers:
• 500+ attendees
• 70+ trainings
• 3000+ workbooks printed
• 4 centimeters thick feedback form pile

If you need to raise awareness of the security issues in your project team, please fill out our contact form. Our security specialist will contact you to find the type of training adjusted to your needs.

Case study

How did we increase the security of online banking applications?

The client was one of the leading banks with a website for individual and business entities. The scope tests covered transaction website security, payment management services, financial exchange and loan products.

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